August 03, 2009

More Bang for Your Buck

Staycation. Expect more. Pay less. Save money. Live better. We're all trying to figure out how to cut back here and there. My folks grew up in another country and passed along their good sense about eating well without spending a lot to me. This week I went to three stores, spent $61 and managed to pick up enough food for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner.

Brand loyalty? Fuck a brand, give me the cheapest price per unit. You determine how low you'll go and what's the most you're willing to spend. Coupons? If you've got the time on your hands for the serious commitment it takes, go for it. I've been know to walk up to the sales clerk at CVS and slam my coupons on the counter while exclaiming 'hit me!' as I rack up on my air scents and walk away feeling like a trouper because I paid $5 for $25 worth of stuff. But I digress....

First thing I do is make a list of tried and true essentials for breakfast, lunch and snacks. I then look at a few circulars. Whomever has the most of what I want at the cheapest price, gets my business. Next to the food item I'll indicate which store I'll go to make my purchase. At this point I know I've won a battle. Half the work is done. I go drink some café con leche, read everyone's updates on mother of all networking get the point. I've rested and I'm ready for the war. Dinner. What's for dinner? Keep it simple. Think of meals that will work for dinner and stretch into lunch the next day.
Harris Teeter:two dozen eggs 1.76
buy two get three free bacon 7.58 (freeze what you're not going to use this week)
buy one pound get another free cheddar cheese 5.52
buy one pound get another free smoked turkey 7.10
one pint of strawberries 1.25 (they had a 4 for $5 special)
goldfish 9 pack 5.29
TOTAL SPENT $29.07 (including sales tax)

From what I've purchased above, both kids can eat crackers, cheese, turkey, and fruit provided by yours truly for lunch without me paying the Kraft price for a lunchable.

Food Lion:
two blocks of Food Lion brand cheddar cheese (8 oz. each) $ 3.51
two pints of heavy whipping cream $5.38
one package of soft flour tortillas $1.40
one box of cheez-it crackers $2.50
one pound of ground beef $3.44
ten pounds of chicken leg quarters $7.90
TOTAL SPENT $24.68 (including sales tax)

one bag of granny smith apples $2.69
a small tub of parmesan cheese $1.99
unsalted butter $1.89TOTAL SPENT $6.70

From what I've purchased above at the last two stores along with what I have at home (never let your pantry or fridge go bare), I now have enough to feed everyone.

Mac-n-cheese with turnip greens and pica pollo (Dominican fried chicken)
Guilty pleasure, I know, get over it, we're in the South...

Spaghetti alla Carbonara

I've also made quesadillas, but these folks gobbled them up before I could snap a quick pic.

It's only Monday night. Three more dinners to go. Friday is known as FOF around these parts, as in Fuck Off Friday. Something odd happens to my kitchen appliances and they go on strike, lol.


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