August 09, 2009

On Thursday, I had planned to go to a Salsa Social with an amiga. I can't hang like I used to so I rely on the occasional Disco Nap to recharge my bateria. I had a phone call wake me up along with banging on my front door. I yank open the door and stand there in utter shock, like a sweepstakes winner.

Grinning at me with her pink luggage is Sylvia. We pick up right where we left off before life got so major. We got to the mall, the movies and just hang out. I'm in bliss.

The next day I had to run a quick errand and when I get back and open my front door, my other best friend Jennifer is standing in front of me. Now I'm trembling like a beauty pageant winner. I've got the ugly cry y todo.

We shared our clothes, secrets, chisme, dreams and passed notes. We drove by parties before going in. We had each other to turn to for relief when things would get tricky in one of our lives. We held our breath and sent up a quick silent prayer when each of us got married hoping that the guy was gonna do right by our girl. We mourned the loss of loved ones.

As we set off into our respective paths we'd occasionally glance back wistfully and miss each other. We'd always talk about a 'girls trip' but life just always seemed to get in the way.

My querido esposo couldn't celebrate my birthday with me so he gave me the next best gift, mis amigas. Gracias mi amor. Te amo.


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