October 01, 2006


Nina Moreno is back. Bueno, not 'Nina' per se, pero la boriqua we all used to love to watch on a weekly cop show, New York Undercover.

Lauren Velez is Lt. La Maria La Guerta and she's runnin' shit at Miami-Dade police.

The show, Dexter, stars Michael C. Hall, the gay brother from Six Feet Under. Dexter is a blood-spatter expert that helps solve crime by day. At night he dispenses vigilante justice to the pendejos that fall through the cracks. I'm not buying the creepy gringo and his weird brand of justicia. I am however loving Velez and the thought she puts into making her character believable. La Guerta thinks que creepy Dexter esta mas bueno, la pobre. Tambien I love that they're actually showing you the real Miami. You don't get the obligatory Art Deco-cosmetically enhanced 'beautiful' people-sexy music montage. You do get some Art Deco, a crack hoe on Biscayne Boulevard and a great view of the skyline from what looks like the 72nd Street causeway. I'll be watching Lt. La Guerta to see if she pounces the gringo or plays it safe.